The Testimony of Tao

Through Parables And Scriptures

In The Bible.


Preface: 前 言

I. The Introduction of Heaven - Tao天道之簡介

  1. The relationship among Tao,God and True Self道、上帝與自性的關係
  2. The Last Catastrophe of the Third Period(the Final Judgment)三期末劫(末日大審判)
  3. Heaven - Tao is not easy to encounter天道難逢
  4. Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds三曹普渡
  5. The Three Treasures of Heaven - Tao天道之三寶

II. The Testimony of the Enlightened Patriarch(the Spirit of Truth)who holds the Divine Mission to transmit Tao from God's sanction and commandment:天命明師之印證

  1. What is "the Spirit of Truth"?何謂「真理的聖靈」?

III. The Testimony of the Heavenly Portal: 玄關之印證

  1. What is "baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire"?何謂「聖靈與火」的施洗?
  2. The Truth of the Cross is another testimony of the Heavenly portal.十字架上的真理是玄關之另一印證
  3. What is "I will come again"?何謂「我將再來」?

IV. The Testimony of the Divine Mantra:口訣之印證

  1. What is a white stone engraved with a new name?何謂「白石上的新名」?

V. The Testimony of the Symbolic Signal:合同之印證

  1. "Who really excels in the Kingdom of Heaven?"誰在天國中是最大的呢?

VI. The Testimony of one's name being deleted from Hell and being registered in Heaven:「天榜掛號、地府抽丁」之印證

  1. What is “those whose names have been recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life”?何謂「生命冊」?

VII. The Meaning and Importance of Being a Vegetarian:茹素之意義與重要性

  1. What is "only you shall not eat flesh with its life,that is,its blood"?何謂「惟獨肉帶著血你們不可吃」?

VIII. Conclusion結論

Preface: 前 言

Dear Sages:

We know that the True Self 1 is the Origin of the human beings who developed a civilization over a long period of time,and that the foundation of civilization is religion. Nevertheless,the purpose of religion is to bring to light the way to restore one's True Self in order to return to God's Kingdom.


我們知道自性是人的根源。人類在漫長悠久的歷史中開拓了文明,而文明的淵源是宗教;宗教的目的,不外是想為自性的恢復指引一條光明大道,使子民能回歸  上帝的國度。

God has been descending Saints to civilize people ever since human beings were created. He contrived five religions(Confucianism,Buddhism,Christianity, Taoism,and Islam)to educate people. To satisfy everybody's individual needs,He based them on spatial and cultural considerations. That is the reason why each religion boomed within a particular time and place as it carried out its lessons over the world. The Truth is presented by these five great religions and is derived from God's words.

自有人類以來, 上帝就苦心孤詣地派下聖人,依著 衪的真理來教化人類;根據地域、文化背景的考量,精心設立五大教(儒、釋、耶、道、回),以因應各人種的需要。如此,而衍生不同教義與經典;這也就是為什麼全世界各大宗教只興盛於某一時或某一地。

All the five great religions were set up by God in order to recover and purify all human souls.  Souls were pure,benevolent,and perfect when human beings were created in the very beginning.  As time progressed,gradually,the soul took on the habits of the body and became lost in the pursuit of materialistic satisfactions,such as greed and lust.  Thus,the original True Selves are covered up by emotions and desires. The True Self must now be purified in order to return to God's Kingdom,because the True Self has been restricted to the environment of earth and all its temptations.

事實上, 上帝是想藉五教之洗禮,使人心淨化,並使人類的性恢復其原來赤子之心的面貌。因人被創之初,其靈性是至清至聖的;隨著歲月消逝,而逐漸被肉身所駕馭,沈迷於物質慾望的追求。使原本光明的本性被七情六慾所矇蔽;自性既受囿於後天環境,那麼便須在後天接受淨化,方能回歸天國。

The five great religions put emphasis on different aspects of the Truth in their scriptures,but they all advocate One Supreme God,(Lord,Jehovah,Wei-hwang God,Heaven,or Allah,etc),the immortal True Self,and judgement after death.  They all advocate returning to God's Kingdom requiring some external help and the cultivation of one's own soul.

儘管五大教在他們的經典中有各自闡揚的教義,但因皆依循 上帝的真理而創立,所以不難找到一些共同點。譬如,都認為只有一位宇宙創造者(或稱呼為上帝、耶和華、維皇上帝、天、阿拉等同義不同名之稱呼),也都肯定自性是不滅的,及死後還有審判。 除此外,他們也都認同欲回  天父的家園,除靠自力修持外,尚須神力加被。

Unfortunately,human beings indulge themselves in material things,fame,fortune,and desires.  This trend has gotten worse progressively.  Mankind is lost when he turns his back on God's Truth;furthermore,some people advocate atheism,the belief that there is no God and believe only what they observe.  Consequently,they cannot track back to their original True Selves,hence breaking the thread connecting God and His children.  The collapse in morality is becoming worse and will culminate in great catastrophes.  Religions are weak,and cannot exert their influences to reverse this trend to rescue mankind.  God,out of His greatest benevolence,cannot put up with destroying the righteous along with the wicked,so God descended the divine mandate of Heaven - Tao onto the Holy Saint,- Ji Kong Living Buddha,who was sent into the eastern part of Shan-dong Province,China,to save mankind.

不幸的是,近代人類已沈溺在物質、名利、財富及慾望的追逐中。更因人不擇手段的使詐,使得世風衰敗每下愈況。人類的迷失已到背棄 上帝的真理;部份人士甚至主張無神論,因為他們僅相信肉眼所能見到的。其結果是:人無法回溯到自己的本源,並斷了和 上帝銜接的命脈。當道德淪落到極點時,便招來世界性的大災難。鑑於宗教力量太薄弱,無法運用它們的影響力去扭轉此一逆流,並拯救人類時,無限慈悲的 上帝,不忍善惡不分,玉石俱焚,所以在中國東部山東省,降下天道使命予 濟公活佛身上,以期力挽狂瀾。

The mysterious Truth,Tao,is not easy to perceive. Some people mistakenly treated It as heresy or superstition.  Today,especially,each great religion is set apart from the others and each pleads in favor of its own doctrine;furthermore,they sometimes slander one another,while thinking they alone execute the Tao that represents the Lord.  Actually,the essence of these five great religions is the same,since they are derived from God's Truth,Tao.  The purpose of all religions is identical - returning to God's kingdom.  For this reason we decided to write this pamphlet,to verify God's Truth,Tao through the Bible.


上帝的真理,也就是「道」。大家的目的不外是都想找到回歸天國的路,這也就是我們寫這本小冊子-以聖經來驗證 上帝的真理-道之因由。

The Bible is the most popular book in the world according to historical reports. The Bible has been translated into about one thousand and eight hundred editions and about two hundred million editions have been sold.  Miraculously,a manuscript of the Bible was maintained about several thousand years before the invention of the technology of printing. So far,there have been about sixteen thousand hand-written Bibles passed down.  Newton,an English physicist,who proved the law of gravity, said: "The Bible challenges more than any other of the science."  The Bible does not exaggerate western civilization.

耶教「聖經」乃歷史上最暢銷的書,整本聖經已被譯成一千八百多種文字,而在普世行銷了二十億本以上。在印刷術發明前,聖經手稿本奇蹟似地被保存了幾千年(此乃 上帝旨意);迄今,大約有一萬六千本手抄聖經流傳下來。發現重力定律的英國科學家牛頓曾說:「沒有一種科學比聖經更有證據」;且聖經並沒有誇耀西方文明。

The Bible is a Book containing many books,sixty-six of them,divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament.  "Genesis",which tells of the beginning of creation,is the first book of the Old Testament.  Its author has been ascribed traditionally to Moses,the Hebrew prophet inspired by God.  The last book of the New Testament is "Revelation".  It describes the ultimate triumph of Jesus Christ,who was born in Palestine,and of His people in the future.  The Old Testament mainly reports God's dealings with Israel based on the covenant presented by Moses at Mt. Sinai.  The New Testament depicts the new arrangement of God with men through Christ on the basis of the New Covenant.  Jesus' disciples recorded His teachings in the New Testament.

聖經共由六十六本書所組成,分成兩部份一舊約聖經和新約聖經。創世紀是舊約聖經的第一本書,闡明了一切萬物的起源;它的作者傳統上一直都認為是摩西,摩西是希伯來人,因曾蒙 主感召而代替 上帝發言。而「啟示錄」是新約聖經的最後一本書,描寫生在巴勒斯坦的 耶穌基督之言行,及其最後的凱旋和衪子民的未來。舊約聖經主要記載 上帝如何處埋以色列人的事情,並透過塞奈山上的摩西定下一些聖約(摩西十誡),以作為規誡。而新約聖經則描述 上帝藉著 耶穌定下新的聖約,以作為以後的規誡;再由 耶穌的門徒記錄一切發生事件而寫成新約聖經。

Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist and in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ went to the desert and fasted about forty days before He started to preach God's words.  He was tested three times by Satan.  Not tempted,he was enlightened and began to preach God's Truth.  He died on the Cross but miraculously was resurrected three days after His crucifixion.

耶穌乃受洗於施洗者約翰,並被聖靈充滿;在宣揚  上帝的福音前,耶穌曾去沙漠並絕食四十天;期間曾被魔鬼試採三次,不為所誘;再蒙  主感召而領悟大道並開始傳播  上帝的福音;最後 耶穌殉道於十字架上,且奇蹟似地在第三天復活。

Briefly,the doctrine of Christianity espouses the rebirth of the soul,seeking of the Truth through the cross,the importance of praying,and being baptized with the Holy Spirit as criteria for returning to God's kingdom.

簡言之,耶教的教義主要是:強調靈性的再生、十字架上找真理、祈禱的重要性及受洗於聖靈等,以便回歸 上帝的家園。

"With this most clearly understood,that no prophetic Scripture can be explained by one's unaided mental powers.  Because no prophecy ever came by the will of man;instead men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit."(2 Peter 1:20~21).  The real author of the Bible is the Almighty and Omnipotent Lord who has no beginning and no end and will last forever.  This pamphlet primarily abstracts five books of the New Testament:Matthew,Mark,Luke,John,Revelation and Genesis from the Old Testament to show evidence that Heaven-Tao is the most exalted dharma.

「第一要緊的,該知道經上所有的預言,沒有可隨私意解說的;因為預言從來沒有出於人意的,乃是人被聖靈感動說出  神的話來。」(彼得後書1:20~21)所以,耶和華上帝才是聖經的真正作者;衪是無始無終,昔在、今在、永在的全能者。此本小冊子主要是依據新約四福音書:馬太、馬可、路加、約翰、及啟示錄和舊約創世紀中的重點章節做基礎,來印證最殊勝之法門一天道,並探討其奧秘與究竟。

Those people who cultivated themselves in a religion in their previous lives or intend to pursue the truth,benevolence,and virtue of this life may have an affinity to receive Tao,be awakened to the Truth,ractice Tao,and finally prove Tao.  If so,they can transcend the cycle of birth,suffering,death,and rebirth.  Bodhidharma 2 said: "One flower develops into five leaves and it results as it should be naturally."  This means that the five great religions are derived from the same One Origin,Tao,and that Heaven-Tao will bring each religion together.



Therefore,there should be no conflict or discrimination among human beings,because we are all from the same family;we are all God's children. God established the five great religions,to satisfy each individual's spiritual need in order to civilize us. He took into consideration our various foundations of inclination,chains of cause and effect,distresses,and persistence.  It doesn't matter which Dharma we conform to or which religion we choose,since it is actually based on the affinity for Tao we developed from our previous lives.  The singularly most important purpose is that we return to the Kingdom of God.  But before we can return,we need to learn to get along with one another while on the earth.  Therefore,there should be no wars among nations,no discrimination among races,no libel among religions but, instead,a utopian world.

若是,則人間將沒有衝突或歧視,因為我們皆來自 父的家;只是我們來到世上就迷而忘返,所以慈愛的 天父衡量每一個人的習性、因緣、苦惱及執著之不同而設五教,以因應各人之所需而行教化。鑑於前世緣,不管我們修那一法門或選擇那一個宗教,其目的不外都是想回歸天國。但在這之前,我們至少應該學習彼此融和相處,所以國與國間應該無戰爭,種族與種族間不會產生歧視;各宗教間不會互相毀謗,而先成就一個大同世界,一片人間淨土。

Knowing that the five great religions are derived from the One - God's Truth,which is also from Tao,all their sutras 3 or doctrines can be used as the testimony of Tao.  One who goes into religious self-discipline can unite all the sutras and doctrines by superlative enlightenment of wisdom and see through to God's Truth,behind the façade.  Thus,one won’t stubbornly persist in his own bias that his own beliefs be treated as the "Truth" by all and controvert others without considering the consequences of what he has done or slandered.  Hence,one can help other people be salvaged after one completes the enlightenment and then can help bring everyone together to return to God's kingdom.

既知五大教皆源自  上帝的真理,也就是道,所以各教的經典教義皆可用來印證道。五教修道士若能體悟各教經典皆是為「道」做印證的話,自然能圓通諸家教義而達無礙;則不執著、不迷信、不以強烈對待的立場去批判對方,若是,始能俱足一切無上智慧,廣渡芸芸眾生,化天下為一家,而終能回歸天國。

Hopefully,we can align ourselves with God's prospect to help one another in order to return to God's presence.  Thus,we won’t fail to live up to God's expectations.


We are motivated to write this pamphlet to show evidence of Tao through the writings in the Bible - the most powerful book in the western civilizations;meanwhile, we are limited in our knowledge of Tao.  Hence,we will be honored if readers can offer some suggestions.


  1. I. The Introduction of Heaven - Tao:天道之簡介

1. The relationship among Tao,God,and True Self 道、上帝與自性的關係

The void Tao is nameless,shapeless,and formless. It has no beginning,and no end,and It exists everywhere and nowhere.  Tao existed before heaven and earth and will exist after the ruin of them.  Tao is the "Aureole",4 the "True Water",and the "Five of Life",and contains infinite wisdom and power.  Tao is the origin of heaven,earth,human,and substances;hence,the essence of all brilliant natural phenomena in the universe is called Tao and each occurrence displays Tao in its own aspect.  The universe is like a giant wheel that will cease from function without Tao.

虛無大道乃無名、無形、無相、無生、無滅,無處在,亦無處不在;先天地而存,復存於天地毀滅之後。道是一團無比燦爛的真光與活水,蘊含了無限的智慧與無盡的能量。道是一切天、地、人及一切物質的起源,也就是宇宙輝煌景觀的本體;而三千大千世界便以獨特的面貌來彰揭  衪一道。宇宙就像個大巨輪,若沒有道,則一切運轉便將停止。

The void Tao develops into different elements and spiritual energies that combine to form various and unique living beings based on the various combinations of elements and the intensity of the spiritual energy.  The given intensity of the spiritual energy decides the type of living being we become.


God(Lord,Jehovah,Wei-hwang God,Heaven,or Allah,etc.)is the spiritual energy of Tao.  God is Tao and He created and cultivated all lives and substances according to Tao.  Therefore,we are all a part of God.  Jehovah said everyone is the child of God. "In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was God.  This is the One who was in the beginning with God. Through Him everything came into being and without Him nothing that exists came into being.  In Him was Life,and the Life was the Light of men."(John 1:1 ~ 4) Therefore,in the beginning God created mankind and bestowed His Life to humans,becoming the Light of men. " Then the Lord God formed man from dust from the ground,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;and man became a living being."(Genesis 2:7)Hence,each one of us is the child of God.

上帝、耶和華、維皇上帝、天、或阿拉乃道之靈能。所以  上帝即是道;衪創造及生養萬物,所以一切有生命皆來自  上帝。「太初有道,道與神同在,道就是神。這道太初與神同在。萬是藉著他造的;凡被造的,沒有一樣不是藉著他造的。生命在他裡頭;這生命就是人的光。」(約翰1:1~4)故 上帝最先創造的生物是一些像  衪自己一樣的靈體(光體)。「耶和華神用地上的塵土造人,將生氣吹在他鼻孔裡,他就成了有靈的活人。」(創世紀2:7)所以人子來自  上帝。

The essence of all elements in the universe is referred to as,the Truth,which is the manifestation of Tao and which pervades heaven,earth,mankind,and substances,etc.


The essence of human life is known as the True Self and is composed of God's spiritual energy,Tao.  Therefore,humans cannot live without Tao.  The conscience is the True Self's manifestation. Humans,who dominate the earth,are the physical life forms that hold all the characteristics of Tao compared to all other life forms.  We human beings have a mission to regulate and rule the earth.

而人生命中的本體是自性,自性就是來自  上帝的靈能一道,所以人生活中不能一日無道;而良知、良能即是自性的表現。人類是在所有生物體中唯一俱足道之特性的生物種,所以人為萬物之靈,且掌管地球;因此人類負有使命治理地球。

The physical body that is given by parents and the True Self that is bestowed by God determines a human life.  The True Self comes into the body when one is born and It leaves when the body is dead.  A human life includes the soul,the spirit of consciousness,and the spirit of sense.  The soul was pure,benevolent,and perfect when mankind was created in the every beginning. Gradually as time passed,the soul took on the habits of the body and became lost in the pursuit of materialistic satisfactions,such as greed and lust.  Thus,emotions and desires cloaked the original True Self.

人的肉體來自父母,而自性乃  上帝所賦予;當人出生時,自性即與肉體結合;當人去世時,自性便離開肉體,並接受審判而定輪迴。人的生命包括了靈、魂、魄:初生之時,靈體原本至清且純,及至落於後天,漸取決於後天習氣,沈迷於物質慾望的追求,而變得貪婪、自私,使原本清淨的自性被七情六慾所矇蔽,終遂氣化為魂、魄也。

Today,especially,scientific progress has placed great emphasis on materialism and atheism.  Some people even claim that nature exists by itself,and were not created by God.  They think human can conquer nature.  This thinking splits the balance and harmony among men,animal,and nature,such that men kill each other for territories,resources,and kill animals for food.  Consequently,humans have become depraved and morality has been deteriorating.  All in all,it will culminate in a final catastrophe that will surpass any event in recorded history and cause suffering to all souls because of the total destruction.  This final catastrophe is called the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period,and is depicted as the Final Judgment in Christianity.

尤其近代,因知識發展及科學進步,更大力提倡物質論及無神論;有人甚至主張天地是自然存在而非  上帝所創,且人有能力征服自然。如此,便破壞了人、動物及自然間的和諧關係,導致人為土地、食物、資源而互相殘殺。累積這些罪、過、錯到極點時,便招來世界性的空前大浩劫,其將使大地一切毀滅、化為灰燼,而生靈塗炭。此浩劫即是三期末劫。

2. The Last Catastrophe of the Third Period(the Final Judgment)三期末劫(末日大審判)

A cycle of heaven and earth from its beginning to its end consists of twelve phases.  Each phase taken ten thousand,eight hundred years. Sin mankind commits on earth reflect the degree of catastrophes.  Since God is fair,He manages the regulation of justice among all beings' debts and payments.  Thus,God descended worldwide catastrophes in different periods of time to clear all debts.(1)"And God looked on the earth,and behold,it was corrupt;for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth."(Genesis 6:12)(2)" Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth,and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

天地運轉自始至終為一元,一元有十二會,每一會有一萬零八百年,依人類所造罪惡的深重而定災劫,因為  上帝是秉公定奪欠債與償還之間關係的維持;所以  衪在三個不同時期降下災劫清算並懲罰罪人-(1)「上帝觀看世界、見是敗壞了。凡有血氣的人、在地上都敗壞了行為。」(創世紀 6:12)(2)「耶和華見人在地上罪惡很大,終日所思想的盡都是惡,耶和華就後悔造人在地上,心中憂傷。

And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth,and He was grieved in His heart." And the Lord said,"I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land,from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky;for I am sorry that I have made them."(Genesis 6:5 ~ 7) History records human beings already experienced two periods of catastrophes-Green Yang Catastrophe and Red Yang Catastrophe.  The third period's Catastrophe-the White Yang Catastrophe will happen in the near future.  It is described as the "Final Judgment" and will occur before the end of the age of Christianity.

耶和華說:我要將所造的人和走獸、並昆虫、以及空中的飛鳥,都從地上除滅…」(創世紀6:5 ~ 7)。歷史上人類已經身歷兩次大災劫,分別為青陽劫及紅陽劫。而白陽劫也就是三期末劫,將發生在不久的未來,此乃耶教中所稱述的「末日大審判」。

What is the Final Catastrophe? The Last Catastrophe,including the explosions of nuclear weapons,would lead to the total destruction of the all beings-including the beings on earth,the immortals of space,and the ghosts in hell,because the sins mankind has committed have never before been so many. However,the merciful God could not endure perishing the righteous along with the wicked. So,He descended Heaven-Tao to amass the souls of the righteous,while He descended catastrophes to punish the evil ones.

為什麼稱為是末劫呢?因為人類所犯的罪惡是開天闢地以來,從未像現在這樣罪大難以赦免過,所以必須用大災劫來審判,這也就是本元會中最後且最大的一個劫數了。而當審判結束後,即是  上帝所允諾的新天新地要在人間呈現的時候。所以末劫中如核子爆炸的威力,將使三界中的一切有形、無形的生命化為殆盡一如氣天眾仙、地球上的生命或地獄鬼魂。然而無限慈憫的  上帝不忍善惡混淆、玉石俱焚,所以在每次災劫清算邪惡之輩時,也降下大道,做為善人的收圓。

3. Heaven-Tao is not easy to encounter 天道難逢

The heritage of Heaven-Tao establishes a bridge-an unseen thread of Divine Mission-between God and man.  Formerly,Heaven-Tao was rarely revealed to mankind and the Tao was secretly conveyed from one Patriarch to another.  Before,if one felt like receiving Tao,he had to give up all things such as his fortune,family, fame,etc.  He had to leave his family and travel to the remote mountains to search for an Enlightened Patriarch.  After lots of suffering and trials by the devils,he would purify his thoughts,correct his mistakes,and perform perfect behaviors.

古時候道不輕傳,此不二法門乃單傳密授、祖祖相傳,以心印心;天道傳承命脈,就像一座橋銜接了  上帝與天國之子。以前若有人想要求道,他必須放棄世俗的一切,如財富、家庭及名利等,離家長途跋涉到荒山,去尋找天命明師;歷經千錘百煉、改毛病、去脾氣,澄清思慮而恢復自性;

 Subsequently,God,touched by such unselfish acts,sent a Saint,one of the Enlightened Patriarchs 5,to transmit the Tao to him and afterward the man became another Enlightened Patriarch.  However,only a few people could accomplish these prerequisites in order to receive Tao.  Today receiving Tao is much more accessible comparatively,since we do not need to travel to the remote mountains to experience many trials before our receiving Tao.  Because mankind is facing the approach of the Final Catastrophe,the righteous and the wicked must be separated from each other. Therefore, God permitted that Tao be disseminated among humans.  He descended the sacred mission upon Ji Kong Living Buddha to bring salvation to the Three Worlds.

並通過魔鬼的百般試探,如此,而感動了上天,才派天命明師來傳道給他。但是,很少人能通過這些磨煉與試驗;相形下,今日之天道就顯得容易求了,因為現在我們不須到深山去接受考驗,便能先得(道)而後修。實因人類將面臨空前之大浩劫(天時緊急),善惡必須分班,所以上天特允賜道在人間中普傳;並降天命於 濟公活佛身上,使普渡三曹。

4. Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds三曹普渡

The greatest objective of Heaven-Tao is bringing salvation to the Three Worlds:the deities in space,human beings,and the ghosts in Hell.  Then,the door to Heaven-Tao will be wide open.  Anyone may have the opportunity to receive Tao if he intends to escape from the trap of the cycle of reincarnation. It is more complicated and difficult for the deities in space and the ghosts in Hell to receive Tao when compared with human beings.  Therefore,a human should cherish this rare opportunity to cultivate oneself and practice Tao.


5. The Three Treasures of Heaven-Tao 天道之三寶

When one receives Tao,which is conveyed by a meeting of minds between God and one,he is bestowed Three Treasures from God.  They are the Heavenly Portal,the Divine Mantra,and the Symbolic Signal.  During the ceremony of receiving Tao,the Enlightened Teacher,representing the Enlightened Patriarch,initiates one's Heavenly Portal,the entrance of one's True Self and the door of wisdom.  Once the Heavenly Portal is enlightened,the True Self then leaves the body through It when a man dies in the future,indicating the way to God's Kingdom.


The Divine Mantra,having no character,no form,no sound,and no shape embodies the spirit of God - the utmost benevolence,quiescence,and void. It is one of the ways to transmit the signal to Heaven.

口訣攝歛入  上帝的精神—萬善、萬美、寂靜與虛無,是一種天人間訊息傳達的方式。

The Symbolic Signal forms the "child" symbol and indicates that we are God's children and are willing to return to God's Kingdom.

合同一抱,象徵著願以赤子之心回歸見  上帝。故白陽三寶,實乃天地萬法之結晶,盡含歷代祖師之真傳妙意,全貫古今千經萬典之實相奧機。

The give great religions are derived from the One-God's Truth which is also from Tao;hence,Heaven-Tao encompasses the spirit of the five great religions.  If man does not receive Tao,how can he restore his True Self? If man cannot restore his True Self,how can he return to the Origin? Indeed,man cannot embody with the quintessence 6 and the spirit of the cosmos if he does not receive Tao to restore his True Self.  Only the righteousness who receives Tao holds the key to enter the kingdom of God.  Can anyone enter the kingdom of God without the key? It is hard to convert to a saint,one who is able to transcend the samaras 7,by just keeping a benevolent heart or performing good deeds,unless one has received Tao.  When one has a benevolent heart but has not received Tao,one remains only as a virtuous person in the world. After one is reborn,one will have a good life as one's reward, but will still die some day and face another uncertain ending.

既知五大教皆源於  上帝的真理,也就是道。所以,天道實已蘊含了五大教的精髓。而人若不求道,又如何恢復自性;不能恢復自性,又如何歸根(回天國)呢?實在地,人若不求道則無法恢復原本的自性;人若不能恢復自性,則無法天人合一。只有那得道的義人,才擁有回天之鑰匙;所以,有任何人能回上帝的家而不帶鑰匙的嗎(不求道嗎)?如果只是存好心、做好事,是很難成聖、成佛,而超生了死的。因為一位大善人其可能會有個福報的來世,然而有一天他仍須離開這個無常的人世間,去面對未知的下一世;仍然無法超越輪迴之苦!

When one dedicates himself to one of the five great religions,the key point is how he can see,within the doctrines of the five great religions,that they imply "a meeting of minds" or "nondual door"-God's Truth behind the façade.  When receiving Tao,the transmission goes without preaching,because the utmost dharma 8,Tao,is not related by written words.  It is necessary to receive Tao from an Enlightened Teacher.  Afterwards,one needs to practice Tao sincerely,awaken to the Truth,and finally prove Tao.  Thus,one can escape from the incarnation caused by karma 9,and return to God's presence. It is very important to receive Tao,since it is the last ferry to God's Kingdom.


  1. The Testimony of the enlightened Patriarch (the Spirit of Truth) who has a Divine Mission to transmit Tao from God's sanction and commandment: 天命明師之印證

1. What is "the Spirit of Truth"?何謂「真理的聖靈」

When Jesus knew beforehand of His approaching death,He said to His disciples,"I have still many things to tell you,but you cannot bear them now.  When the Spirit of Truth comes,however,He will guide you into all truth;for He will not speak on His own account but will say whatever He hears,and He will make known to you what is to take place." (John 16:12~13) What is "the Spirit of Truth"? What are those things that could not be clarified by Jesus at that time? It is Tao,and Tao could not be conveyed easily before.  Even though Jesus shouted in His mind,He could not disclose the divine secret,the transmission of Tao,one thousand nine hundred years ago;since it was not time for people to perceive the highest dharma.  That is why Jesus led His disciples to love all in His doctrines.

當 耶穌預知自己的死期時,曾向門徒們說:「我還有好些事要告訴你們,但你們現在擔當不了(或作不能領會 )。只等真理的聖靈來了,他要引導你們明白(原文作進入)一切的真理;因為他不是憑自己說的,乃是把他所聽見的都說出來;並要把將來的事告訴你們。)(約翰16:12~13)什麼是「真理的聖靈」呢?還有那些事是 基督當時不能明說的呢?其實自古以來不輕傳的「真理大道」亦是 耶穌所盼望的。在一千九百多年前,衪就一直吶喊;然天時未到,不能輕洩;因為眾生因緣尚未成熟,無法領悟最上乘妙法之故。這也就是為什麼  衪試著以博愛精神來引導世人走向真、善、美之光明大道,先「播下善種」,再等待機緣成熟時的「收割」。

Jesus hinted at another sacred secret in Matthew's Gospel:John the Baptist said, "Whereas I baptize you with water for repentance,the One who comes after me is so far superior to me that I am not fit to carry His sandals.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.  The winnowing fan is in His hand and He will thoroughly clean His threshing floor. His wheat He will store in the granary,but the chaff He will burn with fire that cannot be put out."(John 3:11~12) This is a divine secret disclosed by Jesus,but who is the Almighty One that will baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with Fire? He will be the Spirit of Truth,a reaper before the end of the age.

在馬太福音中,耶穌曾暗示過這麼一個天機施洗約翰說:「我是用水給你們施洗,叫你們悔改;但那在我以後來的,能力比我更大,我就是給他提鞋,也不配;他要用聖靈與火給你們施洗。他手裡拿著簸箕,要揚淨他的場;把麥子收在倉裏,把糠用不滅的火燒盡了。」(馬太3:11~12 )(註:不滅的火即是地獄之火)這位大能者,也正是 耶穌所說應「真理的聖靈」時代而來者,衪是一位在世界末了前要來負責「收割」的天使。       

Why? It becomes clear when we understand this parable told by Jesus.  He put before them another parable:"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field,but while the man was asleep his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away.  When the blades shot up,the workers went to him and said,'Was not that good seed,sir that you sowed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?' He said to them,'An enemy had done this.'  They asked him,'Would you like then to have us go and weed them out?'  But he said, 'No,for in gathering up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them.  Let them grow side by side until harvest time,an at harvest time I shall direct the reaper to collect the weeds first,bundle them up and burn them but bring the grain into my barn.(Matthew 13:24~30)


Jesus replied: "The sower of the good seed is the Son of Man.  The field is the world. The good seed are the children of the Kingdom,but the weeds are the children of the evil one.  The enemy who sowed them is the devil.  The harvest is the end of the age.  The reapers are the angels."(Matthew 13:37~39)

衪又說:「那撒好種的,就是人子;田地,就是世界;好種,就是天國之子;稗子,就是惡者之子;撒稗子的仇敵,就是魔鬼;收割的時候,就是世界的末了;收割的人,就是天使。」(馬太13:37 ~ 39)

"So will it be at the end of the age. The angels will come out and separate the wicked from the righteous and will cast them into the fiery furnace;there will be wailing and grinding of teeth there." (Matthew 13:49 ~ 50)

「世界的末了,也要這樣;天使要出來,從義人中,把惡人分別出來。丟在火爐裏;在那裡必要哀哭切齒了。」(馬太13:49 ~ 50)

Through an understanding of the parable,we know Jesus came to the world to sow good seed and that a reaper will harvest at the end of the age.  "Already the reaper receives his wage and gathers the crop for life eternal,so that the sower and the reaper may rejoice together.  The saying 'One sows and another reaps,'is verified here."(John 4:36 ~ 37) Thus,the Almighty One referred to by John the Baptist should differ from Jesus.  So,who is the One that will come to harvest?

由以上經文中可得知,耶穌的使命是來為世界播好種子的,而到了世界末了一收割的時候呢?會有另一位天使的出現。所以:「收割的人得工價,積蓄五榖到永生;叫撒種的和收割的一同快樂。俗語說,那人撒種,這人收割,這話可見是真的。」(約翰4:36 ~ 37 )故前面施洗約翰所指的大能者—收割者(把麥子收在倉裡,把糠用不滅的火燒盡了—末日時),就絕不會是 耶穌本人了;那究竟會是誰呢?

John(not John the Baptist)said "Following this I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth,restraining the four winds of the earth,so that no wind might blow on land or sea or on any tree.  I also observed another angel ascending from the sunrise,holding a seal from the living God.  He shouted with a loud voice to the four angels,who had been empowered to injure the earth and the sea:'Injure neither the earth nor the sea nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads.'(Revelation 7:1~3)

在啟示錄中使徒約翰(非施洗約翰)說:「此後我看見四位天使站在地的四角,執掌地上四方的風,叫風不吹在地上,海上和樹上。我又看見另有一位天使,從日出之地上來,拿著永生  神的印;他就向那得著權柄能傷害地和海的四位天使,大聲喊著說,地與海並樹木,你們不可傷害,等我們印了我們 神眾僕人的額。」(啟示錄7:1 ~ 3)

What time will be the harvest time at the end of the age? Does it happen after one receives God's seal on his forehead? Is there any hint for this? Jesus said, "Learn this parable from the fig tree:Whenever its branch grows tender and it puts out leaves,you know that summer is near.  Similarly,when you see these things happen,you will know that He is near,at the door. I assure you,the present generation will not pass on until all this takes place.  Heaven and earth will pass away,but My saying will not pass away."(Mark 13:28 ~ 31) The words "present generation" refer to the Israelites,in 1948.  These Israelites were urged to rebuild their nation when the fig tree puts out its leaves.  The generation of this time (1948) has not passed away yet so now is the time for one to receive God's seal upon one's forehead.  Our generation comes at the right time and is a crucial time point to earlier and later generations.

那麼,什麼時候是世界末了(收割的時候)呢?是不是印了 神眾僕人的額之後呢?這一切事將成就的時候,有何預兆嗎?  耶穌說:「你們可從無花果樹學個比方,當樹枝發嫩長葉的時候,你們就知道夏天近了。(人子或作  神的國),正在門口了。我實在告訴你們,這世代還沒有過去,這些事都要成就。天地要廢去;我的話卻不能廢去。」(馬可13:28 ~ 31)無花果樹發嫩長葉的時候,即是暗喻以色列於一九四八年重新建國;在這年份以後出生的一代還沒過去(去世)前,亦是在不久的將來,這些事都要實現;那麼我們這一代不正是所謂「來得早,不如來得巧 」了嗎?

Analyzing the previous passage,the Almighty One,who is also the Spirit of Truth and the reaper at the end of the age,holds a seal 10 and winnowing fan 11 received from the living God.  This Almighty One is empowered with a Heavenly Mandate to separate the wicked from the righteous.  He will baptize the righteous with the Holy Spirit and with Fire before the end of the age.

這位「大能者」,就是「真理的聖靈」,也是末日前來的「收割天使」;衪是領有天命(拿著永生 上帝的印),手中拿著象徵權柄力一可用來篩選的扇子,使不義之人從義人中分開出來。(註:『扇子』中文聖經譯成『簸箕』,它是由英文經文—『 winnowing fan 』翻譯而來;而英文則是譯自希臘原文『 πτνου 』,此字即『扇子』之意。這或許是中國人在翻譯時,認為與農務(收割)有關的工具應是『簸箕』; 因『 Fan 』 除了『扇子』外,亦可譯為『簸箕』,故很自然地用『簸箕』;這點可證明,天時未到,玄機未顯也。

Once we relate all the characteristics of this Almighty One,we find out that He is Ji Kong Living Buddha,an ancient Eastern Angel.  God,descended him in the eastern part of Shan-dong Province,China-the land of sunrise.  He received Tao from the seventeenth Patriarch,Maitreya Patriarch,and became the eighteenth Patriarch.

那麼,這位大能者究竟會是誰呢?如果將其各特徵串連起來的話,衪便呼之欲出了。衪不正是一代明師——濟公活佛嗎?衪本是一位古東方天使(古佛),倒裝降世於中國(日出之地), 山東濟寧。得道於第十七代祖師—彌勒祖師,成為第十八代祖師。

In 1930,He was ordained by God with the Heavenly Mandate to baptize the righteous with the Holy Spirit and with Fire(referring to placing the seal upon ones' forehead).  His holding of the winnowing fan is His characterization of sorting out the wicked from the righteous.  Through Him,one is capable of finding out one's True Self in order to return to God's Kingdom.  He repeatedly exhorts one when one is receiving Tao: "I sincerely tell you,the covered 12 one,if you lose this last opportunity toward the end of the age,you will not get it again for the next one thousand,eight hundred years."  Do you see that this statement refers to burning the weeds(the wicked) with endless fire and bringing the wheat(the righteous)into His granary. (Annotation:The ancient Greeks thought the planets would be demolished by flood or by a disturbance,when the planets developed into a particular phase at each one thousand eight hundred years.)

於民國十九年(西元1930年)領天命(拿著永生 神的印),在末日前不久即開始用「聖靈與火」給餘蘊蒼生施洗(在 上帝眾僕人額上蓋印),揀選子民(義人);手中的扇子是 衪的象徵;而 衪更是一位知道自性寶藏的大聖人,必須藉由 衪,才能找回每一個人自家的寶藏。衪在求道禮囑中叮嚀我們:「今時已至末劫年,實告一切眾蘊殘,你若失掉此機會,萬八年載難身翻,…。」這不正是把麥子收回天國(倉裡);把稗子搧到地獄,用不滅的火燒盡嗎?(註:擅於數學的古希臘文明認為每一萬零八百年(一會),當行星們產生獨特相位時,就會發生毀滅性的大洪水或大動亂。)(錄自82.10.20.中國時報)

During the ceremony of receiving Tao,"the Dragon's list 13 is burned to state clearly one's sincerity to Heaven.  Human beings are facing the Final Catastrophe,especially the calamity of fire and water,and it is the reason God has set up this last opportunity to save the righteous,those who might have the affinity for Tao. The vicissitude of the cosmos has changed so that Yang(representing the positive)is disappearing and Yin(representing the negative)is appearing,because human beings have committed heinous vices and initiated this predestined disaster.  Seeing this,the Lord,out of His utmost benevolence,descended the Enlightened Patriarch - the Spirit of Truth,and also known as Ji Kong Living Buddha - to separate the evil from the righteous before the Final Judgement.

求道時,龍天表(求道表文一呈奏上天)上亦有:「今時眾生塗炭未得拯救,水火劫煞已到眼前,所以立下此會廣救無數眾生,整起此著,普收有緣種子。」故於此時,天地元會陽消陰長,人心不古,罪惡滔天,萬物秋殺之際,上天不忍善惡混淆(耨稗子,麥子也被拔出來),故降天道, 差下天命明師—濟公活佛(真理的聖靈或收割者),傳法渡眾,揀選子民,在眾僕人額上蓋印;俾使善惡分班,以作最後的大收圓。

It is hard for one to become aware of what sins one has committed,since one has been deluding oneself for a long time;therefore,one needs an Enlightened Patriarch(the Spirit of Truth)to baptize one with the Holy Spirit and with Fire and restore one's True Self.  The sutra of the Sixth Patriarch recorded:"Each one has the wisdom of True Self,but can't perceive It.  The reason is,because It is covered by karma.  So one needs the enlightened Patriarch to lead him to It,one's True Self."  This Spirit of Truth has come and is glorifying Jesus.


Jesus said,"What does He mean by saying,'You will seek Me and will not find Me,' and 'Where I am you cannot come?'  On the final and most important day of the feast,Jesus stood and called out,'Whoever is thirsty,let him come to Me and drink.  He who believes in Me,just as the Scripture says,streams of water will flow from his innermost being.'  He said this referring to the Holy Spirit,those who believe in Him were about to receive.  For as yet the Holy Spirit was not given,because Jesus was not yet glorified."(John 7:36~39) This means that the one who believes in Jesus will acquire the affinity to receive the Holy Spirit.  However,at that time,the Lord had not descended the Spirit of Truth yet,so even if one read this passage in the Scripture,one still neither perceived nor comprehended it.

「真理的聖靈」再來時,將要為  耶穌基督作見證,且要榮耀  衪。「他說,你們要找我,卻找不著,我所在的地方,你們不能到;這話是什麼意思呢?節期的末日,就是最大之日,耶穌站著高聲說,人若渴了,可以到我這裡來喝。信我的人,就如經文所說,從腹中要流出活水江河來。耶穌這話是指著信他之人,要受聖靈說;那時還沒有賜下聖靈來;因為耶穌尚未得著榮耀。」(約翰7:36 ~ 39)此段經文暗示信 耶穌所說真理而能奉行者,均有機緣得受聖靈,找回自家活水源頭。而當時因天時未到,上天尚末賜下聖靈,故看了此段經文,亦無法明白其中之究竟。

Since the Spirit of Truth,Ji Kong Living Buddha,has come already,we are now able to perceive and comprehend.  "But Jesus called out in a loud voice,'He who believes in Me does not believe in Me but in Him who sent Me,and he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me.  I am a light,which has come into the world,so that no one who believes in Me may remain in the dark.  And if anyone hears My teachings and fails to observe them,I pass no sentence on him;for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.  He who rejects Me and does not accept My teachings has his judge:My spoken word will judge him on the last day.  For I have not spoken of My own accord,but the Father who sent Me,He has given Me a command what I should say and what I should speak.  I know,too,that His command is eternal life;so what I say is just what the Father has told Me to say.' "(John 12:44~50)

然現今明師已降世,一切真理不都瞭然了嗎?唯有將真理大道遍萬國,為萬民做見證,才能榮耀基督。「耶穌大聲說,信我的,不是信我,乃是信那差我來的。人看見我,就是看見那差我來的。我到世上來,乃是光,叫凡信我的,不住在黑暗裡。若有人聽見我的話不遵守,我不審判他;我來本不是要審判世界,乃是要拯救世界。棄絕我不領受我話我的人,有審判他的;就是我講的道,在末日要審判他。因為我沒有憑自己講;惟有差我來的父,已經給我命令,叫我說什麼,講什麼。我也知他的命令就是永生;故此我所講的話,正是照著父對我所說的。」(約翰12:44 ~ 50)

In conclusion,the testimony of the Enlightened Patriarch(the Spirit of Truth) will come at the harvest time,and can be proven through passages from the Bible. "And I shall ask the Father and He will give you another Helper to stay with you forever,the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive,because it neither perceives nor understands Him.  You know Him,for He remains you and will be within you." (John 14:16~17) Let us quote another statement to prove the Enlightened Patriarch. "When the Helper comes,whom I will send you from the Father,the Spirit of Truth, who comes from the Father,He will testify regarding Me."(John 15:26)"But the Helper,the Holy Spirit,whom the Father will send in My name,He will teach you everything and will remind you of all that I have told you."(John 14:26)

茲由上述分析,天命明師之印證在聖經中處處可見,最後再引  耶穌之話來印證。 衪說:「我要求父,父就另外賜給你們一位保惠師(或作訓慰師,下同),叫他永遠與你們同在,就是真理的聖靈,乃世人不能接受的;因為不見他,也要在你們裏面。」(約翰14:16 ~ 17)又說:「但我要從父那裡差保惠師來,就是從父出來真理的聖靈;他來了,就要為我作見證。」(約翰15:26)(註:「保惠師」的英文是『 Helper 』—「幫助者」即是「善知識」—「明師」也)再看:「但保惠師,就是父因我的名所要差來的聖靈,他要將一切的事,指教你們,並且要叫你們想起我對你們所說的一切話。」(約翰14:26)。

The choice of an Enlightened Patriarch,who was chosen to sort out His people before the end of the age,was made at the beginning of the world.


III. The Testimony of the Heavenly Portal:玄關之印證

1. What is "baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire?何謂「聖靈與火」的施洗?

Previously,we have mentioned "Whereas I baptize you with water for repentance,the One who comes after me is so far superior to me that I am not fit to carry His sandals.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire."(Matthew 3:11) What is "baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire"? The Holy Spirit means the Heavenly mandate is vouchsafed by God,and only the Enlightened Patriarch who holds the Holy Spirit can baptize one with Fire.  Because one's True Self is covered and sins and karma defile one's soul,one needs to be enlightened in order to cleanse one's mind.  The Enlightened Patriarch(the Spirit of Truth) who is ordained by God to transmit Tao to one - to seal one's forehead does this.

前面已提過,施洗約翰說:「我是用水給你們施洗,叫你們悔改;但那在我以後來的,能力比我更大,我就是給他提鞋,也不配;他要用聖靈與火給你們施洗。」(馬太3:11)何謂「聖與火給你們施洗」呢?「聖靈」即是  上帝的天命,領有天命的明師才能用火替人施洗。眾生因累劫累世所染的濁氣太重了,所以領有聖靈的天命明師,必須用聖火才能把濁心洗滌乾淨,也才能點燃我們永恆的心燈。

When one is receiving Tao,the Enlightened Patriarch uses incense to draw a line of fire from the middle Holy Lamp on the altar,which symbolized God's Holy Spirit and God's True Light 14,toward one's Heavenly Portal,on one's forehead. This means God's Holy spirit enlightens you,and afterwards your Heavenly Portal is opened and points out the way to Heaven. "In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was God.  This is the One who was in the beginning with God.  Through Him everything came into being and without Him nothing that exists came into being.  In Him was Life,and the Life was the Light of men." (John 1:1~4) "The True Light that illuminates every person was coming into the world." (John 1: 9) Therefore,the only way to light the life of mankind is through God's Holy Spirit and Fire.

此即在求道儀式中,點傳師(代表著天命明師)用香引中間  燈(代表  上帝)的聖火下來,在求道者額頭上烙印了  上帝的記號;也就是點開我們的生死門戶——玄關竅(第一寶),會見靈山真主人(上帝),故方能知自己本來面目;且印證了  上帝與我同在。「太初有道,道與  神同在,道就是  神。這道太初與  神同在。萬物是藉著他造的;凡被造的,沒有一樣不是藉著他造的。生命在他裏頭;這生命就是人的光。」(約翰1:9)所以,唯有用「聖火」才能把人生命中原來的「光」(靈性)點燃。

The book of Revelation also verifies the testimony of the Heavenly Portal : "They were told not to damage the earth's grass, neither any vegetation, nor any tree, but only the persons who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads." (revelation 9 : 4) Because Tao is God, God creates and multiplies all beings; thus, Tao is the Origin of all. God's Holy Spirit and Fire to enlighten and open the door of the Heavenly Portal, the entrance of the True Self, baptize man and thereby, shortening one's cultivation process. However, one still has to cultivate oneself completely in order to fulfill one's original mission when he came into the world in the very beginning, which was to rule the earth with a pure True Self.

「聖靈與火」施洗的殊勝在啟示錄中更明顯地指出:「並且吩咐他們說,不可傷害地上的草,和各樣植物,並一切樹木,惟獨要傷害額上沒有  神印記的人。」(啟示錄9:4)因為道即 上帝,而 上帝創造及生養萬物;所以宇宙萬物的根源就是這個「道」。在求道過程中,藉來自  上帝的「聖靈與聖火」重新開啟生死門——玄關竅(通天竅),也就是自性出入的門戶。如此,由外引內,先得後修,縮短自己苦修的歷程。但生死之門雖開,仍須勸加修行,始能圓滿自己下世之宏愿。

2. The Truth of the Cross-is another Testimony for the Heavenly Portal. 十字架上的真理是玄關之另一印證

Jesus indicated where we should search for the Truth - on the cross.  What is the meaning of 'take up his cross"? Jesus said to His disciples,"If anyone wants to walk after Me,he must deny himself,take up his cross and follow Me." (Matthew 16 : 24) It is not easy to perceive the real meaning of this statement.  Most people merely know what it means superficially.  Only the Truth can lead people to Tao.  So,which way is accessible to the Lord? If one can find out one's immortal True Self,which is originally from God,then one will see himself within Tao and Tao also will be within him." 'I am the Alpha and the Omega,' says the Lord God,'Who is and Who was and Who is coming,the All-Sovereign.' "(Revelation 1:8) Jesus manifested His crucifixion with two robbers,one at His right and one at His left,as a disclosure of a sacred secret by Jesus.

耶穌除了用寶血來替世人贖罪外, 衪的確暗示世人可在十字架上找到真理。故何謂「背起自己的十字架」呢?於是 耶穌對門徒說,「若有人要跟從我, 就要捨己, 背起自己的十字架,來跟從我。」(馬太16:24),經中記載此段話,一般人很難領會其真實意義;而只有真理才能 「頭頭是道」,我們到底要走那一條道路才能跟隨主呢?唯有找到自己內在的真神―「昔在今在以後永在的全能者。」(啟示錄1:8),亦即悟到自身內——自有永存之靈性,才能「頭頭是道」。那麼  耶穌被釘在十字架上,陪同被釘了兩個強盜,此一大事因緣,就必定是在暗示後人天機妙意——何謂「自己的十字架」。

It was to point out what the real meaning of "take up his cross." But some people could not understand the meaning;instead,they put a cross on their chests and considered it all that was required to follow Jesus' Truth.  Think about it! Was there anyone of His twelve disciples that wore a cross on their chests and then escaped from the samsara? Not this way,the cross alludes to one's Heavenly Portal,in which enters and exits the True Self and is located on one's forehead.  "Take up his cross" refers to rescuing one from his own cross-the entrance of one's True Self and a door to God's Kingdom.  The manifestation of True Self is the conscience and one's own cross means one's own conscience,mind,and midst.  Asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come.  He answered them," The Kingdom of God does not come by looking for it,neither will they say,'Look ! Here it is,' or 'There it is !' for the Kingdom of God is in your midst." (Luke 17:20 ~ 21)

這也就是為什麼,耶穌在久遠前就苦心地用十字架之妙相來啟示門徒了。但有些門徒,誤解其意,就把十字架掛在胸前。試想,  耶穌的十二門徒有誰背過外在的十字架,即可躲災避劫的?實際不是這樣的,因為自己的十字架就是我們的道心與良心——「法利賽人問  神的國何時來到;  耶穌回答說,神的國來到,不是眼所能見的;人也不得說,看哪!在這裡;看哪!在那裡;因為神的國就在你們心裏(心裏或作中間)。」(路加17:20 ~ 21)「你們心裏」在英文聖經是『 your midst 』,也就是你們的正中間或你的正中央之意;此即指「自己的十字架」。

Sakyamani Buddha 15 said:"I have the Great Dharma which is hidden in the eyes." This alludes to the position of the Heavenly Portal.  "The eye is the lamp of the body.  If,then,your eye is sound,your whole body is illumined;but if your eye is defective,your whole body is in the dark.  If,then,the light within you grows dark - how dense a darkness!"(Matthew 6:22 ~ 23) Here,"the eye" of "the eye is the lamp…" alludes to the Great Dharma 16 and "take up his cross" means to search for the True Self in order to return to God's Kingdom.  The Heavenly Portal is the entrance of one's True Self which needs to be enlightened before seeing the Lord.

事實上,此十字架即指位於額頭上的生命源頭(頭頭是道):玄關竅,也就是自性之出入口。 所以釋迦牟尼佛說:「吾有正法眼藏」,即暗示玄關竅的相關位置。而在馬太福音更明白指出:  「眼睛就是身上的燈;你的眼睛若暸亮,全身就光明。你的眼睛若昏花,全身就黑暗;你裡頭的光若黑暗了,那黑暗是何等大呢!」(馬太6:22 ~ 23 )「眼睛就是身上的燈」的英文原文是『 The eye is the lamp of the body 』; 『 eye 』是「單眼」, 即「正法眼」。

The Enlightened Patriarch,who was descended by God,will open the door of one's Heavenly Portal with the Holy Spirit,and Fire.  The Heavenly Portal was locked after one was born.  When a man dies,he will first lose all of his senses,then his breath, however,his True Self can leave the body through the opened Heavenly Portal, instead of leaving by side gates, e.g.,the eyes,the ears,the mouth,the nose,the navel,and the vertex. "Enter spacious the road that leads on to destruction,and many are those entering by it.  Because narrow is the gate and contracted the road that leads on to life,and few are they who discover it." (Matthew 7:13 ~ 14 ) This narrow gate represents the main entrance of one's own cross - a door to Heaven. The wide road represents side gates - a door to reincarnation.

故玄關為真靈出入之門戶:人在出生後,後天陰陽氣入,而先天位無隱,玄關門即關閉;須復經明師一指,方才能打開此靈竅。因此當一個人臨終時,他先失去知覺,然後斷氣;自性便可由此生死門戶——玄關竅離開,而回歸天國,解脫了生死輪迴之苦。如果玄關竅未打開,則去世時,靈性便會由共其他旁門離開身體——如:眼睛(強盜)、耳朵、嘴巴、鼻子、肚臍和泥丸宮。「你們要進窄門;因為引到滅亡,那門是寬的,路是大的,進去的人也多。引到永生,那門是窄的,路是小的,找著的人也少。」(馬太7:13 ~ 14)這「窄門」就是指十字架的正門—生死門(引到永生之門),亦即玄關竅;而「寬大的門」就是指其他旁門—輪迴門(引到滅亡之門),即落入四生六道輪迴。

There are six paths of reincarnation - a deity,a human,an asura,a prate,a beast and four ways of birth - born from a womb,born from a hard-shelled egg,born in water, and born as an insect.  If one's True Self leaves from the eyes,one is reborn as an oviparous 17 animal,such as a bird.  If one's True Self leaves from the ears,one is reborn as viviparous 18 animals,such as a cow,pig,etc.  If one's True Self leaves from the nose,one is reborn as an insect,such as a bee. If one's True Self leaves from the mouth,one is reborn as an aquatic animal,such as a fish.  If one's True Self leaves from the navel,one is reborn as a person.  If one's True Self leaves from the vertex,one is reborn as a fairy;thus,the True Self becomes caught in the cycle of birth,death,and rebirth and will be reborn into another living form.


Therefore,anyone who wants to enter God's Kingdom, "must deny by himself, take up his cross and follow Me." "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life;no one comes to the Father except through Me."(John 14:6) While the Enlightened Patriarch seals one's forehead,one finds his being with God.

所以入永生  神的國,必要捨己,背起自己的十字架,跟從『我』,「耶穌說,我就是道路,真理,生命;若不藉著我,沒有人能到父那裡去。」(約翰14:6)故天命一指,額上烙印後,就是找到自己的真主(牧師、牧羊人)— 跟從『我』(十字架真理),才能回歸天國;故『自己的十字架』即是每個人的『真我』了。

3. What is "I will come again"?何謂「我將再來」?

From the passage above,we see Jesus did give some hints of sacred secrets to people, but men could not perceive them. "I am the way and the Truth and the Life", here, "I", "Way", "Truth",and "Life" all mean Tao.  Jesus also predicts He will come again. Summarizing all the hints disclosed by Jesus,the propagation of Heaven-Tao will brought salvation to the Three Worlds and will come at the end of the age,which is when Jesus predicts He will come again.

由以上的經文印證中,我們得知  耶穌基督當初在傳道時,的確暗示後人許多天機,只是眾人沒能深入體悟。 衪也曾預言「我將再來」。「我」就是真理,真理所代表的就是自古以來不輕傳的「道」。所謂大道中有玄機,當然「我將再來」的「我」,就絕不是單指外在形相了,而有更深更廣之寓意了。真理就是三期末劫前之天道普傳,要渡三曹生命回歸天國,這就是「我將再來」的真實意義。

In the book of Revelation,it is mentioned that the Enlightened Patriarch(the Spirit of Truth)came from the land of sunrise — China,"I also observed another angel ascending from the sunrise,holding a seal from the living God.  He shouted with a loud voice to the four angels,who had been empowered to injure the earth and the sea:'Injure neither the earth nor the sea nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads.' "(Revelation 7:2~3)  So,the Spirit of Truth will come from China.  "For like the lightning that flashes from the east and shines to the west,so will the coming of the Son of Man be." (Matthew 24:27)

茲分析「來」字之妙義,以及如何來呢?經文中曾暗示必由中國再來。「我又看見另有一位天使,從日出之地上來,拿著永生 神的印;他就向那得著權柄能傷害地和海的四位天使,大聲喊著說,地與海並樹木,你們不可傷害,等我們印了我們 神眾僕人的額。」(啟示錄7:2~3)「從日出之地上來」意謂從東方中國來。「閃電從東邊發出,直照到西邊;人子降臨,也要這樣。」(馬太24:27 )故可以肯定「我將再來」是必由中國(東方日出之地)再來。

If we analyze the Chinese character of "coming",it is written as "來". In Chinese, 人 means person(s).  Therefore,"來" alludes to Jesus being crucified and accompanied by two persons,referring to two robbers or two eyes on each side. Most of the time one commits crimes while one sees the world through one's eyes, including one to steal,rob,or kill,etc. "One of the criminals that were hanged reviled Him, 'Are You not the Christ? Save Yourself and us!' But the other reproved him and told him,'Do You not fear God,when you are suffering the same punishment? We, however,are suffering justly;we are getting what we deserved for our misdeeds,but He has done nothing amiss.'  Then he said,'Jesus,remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.' Jesus said to him,'I assure you,today you will be with Me in paradise.' "(Luke 23:39~43)

英文『come』字寫成中文為『來』字;『來』字中間十字架上有一位大人,旁邊有兩位小人,所以『來』字其實就暗示  耶穌被釘在十字架上,兩旁各陪釘一個強盜-眼睛。人在世上犯罪,有很多時候是因人的眼睛被外緣所牽引,而誘惑一個人動心去偷、去搶等;亦即心念的妄動,頗多是來自眼見色的當下所產生的,故中國人常說「賊眼」。而「那同釘的兩個犯人,有一個譏誚他說,你不是基督麼?可以救自己和我們吧!那一個就應聲責備他說,你既是一樣受刑的,還不怕神嗎?我們是應該的;因我們所受的,與我們所作的相稱;但這個人沒有作過人件不好的事。就說,耶穌啊!你得國降臨的時候,求你記念我。耶穌對他說,我實在告訴你,今日你要同我在樂園裡了。」(路加23:39 ~ 43)

"Truly I assure you,he who does not enter the sheepfold through the door but climbs up from elsewhere he is a thief and a robber,but he who enters through the door is the shepherd of the sheep."(John 10:1~2) So Jesus spoke again,"Truly I assure you,I am the door for the sheep.  All who came before Me are thieves and robbers,but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the Door.  Whoever comes in through Me will be saved;he will go in and out and find pasture.  The thief's only purpose in coming is to steal,to slaughter and destroy. I have come so they may have life and have it abundantly." (John 10:7~10) Therefore,eyes are the tools of the human body;they direct humans toward good or evil.

所以由此得知,眼睛為獲取知識的工具,用得好為善,用不好為惡;故兩眼不過是真主人的工具罷了,可善可惡。因此  基督被釘「十字架」除了要用中國字『來』啟示我們—真理會再來,而必由中國來外;更啟示:「我實實在在的告訴你們,人進羊圈,不從門進去,倒從別處爬進去,那人就是賊,就是強盜。從門進去的,才是羊的牧人。」(約翰10:1 ~ 2)「所以耶穌又對他們說,我實實在在的告訴你們,我就是羊的門。凡在我以前先來的,都是賊,是強盜;羊卻不聽他們。我就是門;凡從我進來的,必然得救,並且出入得草吃。盜賊來,無非要偷竊,殺害、毀壞;我來了,是要叫羊(或作人)得生命,並且得的更豐盛。」(約翰10:7 ~ 10)這段就是啟示我們,要讓自己的真主人(十字架)作主(由門進去,才是羊的牧人),不要讓六根-即六賊(眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、意)作主(不從門進去,而由別處爬進去);否則必然遭到盜賊的毀壞,流浪生死,不得永生。

Jesus returned to God's presence from the Cross,which is associated with the location of one's Heavenly Portal,and is also the place where He's coming.  A circle starts and ends at the same point - no beginning and no end.  Jesus answered them,"Even if I do testify concerning Myself,My testimony is valid,for I know from where I come and where I go;but you neither know where I am from nor where I am going."(John 8:14)

其實,  耶穌由十字架回天的時候,也就是 衪再來的開始;像圓的終點,也就是起點,無始無終;怎麼去,怎麼來,來去自如——由自性十字架的地方來去,即無來無去,無所從來,亦無所去,所謂如——如其本來,回歸自如也。「耶穌說,我雖然為自己作見證,我的見證還是真的;因為我知道我從那裡來,往那裡去;你們卻不知道我從那裏來,往那裏去。」(約翰8:14)

Why did Jesus resurrect on the third day,instead of the fourth or the fifth day? Since God is almighty and omnipotent,why did He choose the third day for Jesus resurrection? The hidden divine Secret is that He(the Enlightened Patriarch,the Spirit of Truth or the reaper)will come to bring salvation to the THREE worlds before the Last Catastrophe of the THIRD period.  Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come,He answered them,"The kingdom of God does not come by looking for it,neither will they say,‘Look! Here it is,' or 'There it is !' for the Kingdom of God is in your midst." (Luke 17:20~21)

但又為何  耶穌一再言明要在第三天復活(暗諭再來)?而不是第二天、第四天或第五天呢?  上帝既是全能者,為什麼 衪選擇在第三天讓  耶穌復活呢?其中所隱含的天機是:真理的聖靈,也就是末日前將來的收割者;或天命明師將在三期末劫時,再來廣傳大道,普渡三曹,此乃非時不降也!「法利賽人問  神的國幾時來到; 耶穌回答說, 神的國來到,不是眼所能見的;人也不得說,看哪!在這裏;看哪!在那裏;因為 神的國就在你們心裏(心裏或作中間)。」(路加17:20 〜21)

So,when Jesus manifested His crucifixion,He wanted to tell people that the Truth of the Cross is one's conscience,refining one's mind to restore one's True Self. Thus,people can break the barriers of outward idols and inward obstinacy. They also can clear the obstacle of "Four kinds of Appearance". The Appearance of Ego (looking down on the stupid,deluded and poor),Living Beings' Appearance (speech does not accord with action),Human's appearance(telling a lie about his certification to the Truth,even breaking the rules of maxims),and the Appearance of Longevity(desiring for health and welfare).  The Kingdom of God is in one's midst. That's why Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said: "If one does not want to correct himself, how can I save him;while if one can change himself toward good,why he needs My mercy?" So,after one receives Tao,and if he can purify his mind to restore the True Self,he will awaken to the truth.

故耶穌被釘在十字架上,乃欲告誡世人真理的實相是:十字架的真理乃是一種內在良心自我審判的法庭。啟示後人要打破分別、對待之內外在執著(內在執空,外在執相),於十字架中覓真人,才能徹底破除偶像,回歸無我相、無人相、無眾生相、無壽者相的內在 上帝,如此而藉假修真。神的國就在自己的道心、良心中,故自性唯有靠自渡;因而 觀世音菩薩慈悲云:「若不回頭誰替你救苦救難;倘能轉念何須我大慈大悲。」故求道後,回頭轉念的工夫,就是我們悟道的總樞紐了。

An analysis of the above passage reveals the Heavenly Portal is associated with the cross and is the entrance of one's True Self that will be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with Fire by the Enlightened Patriarch.  Thereby,one becomes enlightened and aligned with God's Spirit and can return to God's presence.  Man must know where his True Self comes from and realize that the True Self must return to where It came from.


  1. The Testimony of the Divine Mantra:口訣之印證

1. What is a white stone engraved with a new name?何謂「白石上的新名」?

The Divine Mantra,used in prayers and incantations,is a sacred formula and embodies the divinity invoked and possesses magical power. For example,the Divine Mantra acts as a powerful spiritual suffering signal to the Divine under extremely dangerous situations. Jesus said,"Whoever has an ear,let him hear what the Spirit ways to the churches.  To the victor I shall give some of the hidden manna and I shall give him a white stone,and engraved on the stone a new name,which no one knows except the recipient."(Revelation 2:17) Hidden manna refers to a living Bread or spiritual nourishment of divine origin. "A which stone,and engraved on the stone a new name,which no one knows except the recipient",refers to the Divine Mantra.

口訣是一種用於通天的真言,它具有不可思議,不可言喻的奇妙力量;除了當身處於極端危險下能化災免劫外,體悟並實踐它,更能使我們覺行圓滿。 耶穌說:「聖靈向眾教會所說的話,凡有耳的,就應當聽。得勝的,我必將那隱藏的嗎哪賜給他;並賜他一塊白石,石上寫著新名;除了那領受的以外,沒有人能認識。」(啟示錄2:17)「隱藏的嗎哪」是一種維持生命或豐富靈性的糧,即指大道性理真傳;而「白石上寫著新名,除了那領受的以外,沒有人能認識。」即是暗指第二寶口訣(註:三寶乃天機不可洩露,故除了求道者外,沒人能認識)。

After one receives the Holy Spirit,he becomes the victor. What is a victor? A victor is the one who successfully completes his missions and passes the trials of the evils. Then,he is qualified to return to God's Kingdom and in the meantime,he is bestowed the Divine Mantra to protect him from danger and help maintain his life. "I am the Bread of Life." (John 6:48) "This is the Bread that comes down from heaven, so that anyone who eats of it may not die. I am the living Bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this Bread,he will live forever. And the Bread which I will give for the life of the world is My flesh."(John 6:50〜51) Therefore, "the hidden manna" refers to the Truth of Tao,anyone who believes in the Truth of Tao will have immortal life. "Truly I assure you,he who believes in me has eternal life."(John 6:47)

如果一個人相信了聖靈,然後便能得到勝利。什麼叫「得到勝利」呢?勝利就是累劫修持, 並通過魔鬼最嚴厲的試探(許多人在求道前,均會遭逢諸多考驗),才能有資格回歸天國,面見  上帝(即得道);那他就是得勝之人,便可得到「隱藏的嗎哪」(第一寶)與「白石上的新名」(第二寶)。這段經文其實就是說,當真理大道傳遍天下時,大家都應信  衪,並追隨  衪;更要通過種種考驗,才能得勝;才能得受性理真傳(隱藏的嗎哪);也才能擁有上天所賜之密寶 — 五字真言 — 口訣(白石上的新名)。

"And one of them,a teacher of the Law,by way of testing Him,asked,'Teacher I What is the great commandment in the Law?" He said to him,'You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart,with your whole soul,and with your whole mind. This is the great and chief commandment. The second is similar,You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'  On these two commandments the whole Law and the Prophets depend."(Matthew 22:35〜40) The Spirit of these two commandments coordinates with the Divine Mantra which represents the utmost benevolence,quiescence,and the void. To those victors who believe in Him and follow His Truth,the hidden manna and the Divine Mantra will be transmitted to them through a meeting of minds.

「內中有一個人是律法師,要試探耶穌,就問他說,夫子!律法上的誡命,那一條是最大的呢? 耶穌對他說,你要盡心、盡性、盡意,愛主你的 神。這是誡命中的第一,且是最大的。其次也相倣,就是要愛人如己。這兩條誡命,是律法和先知一切道理的總綱。」(馬太22:35 〜 40)而律法上的兩條誡命其精神性相當於口訣,代表一種萬善、萬美和寂靜,此即真善美之終極圓滿也。

  1. The Testimony of the Symbolic Signal:合同之印證

1. " Who really excels in the kingdom of heaven?"誰在天國中是最大的呢?

"At that time the disciples came and asked Jesus,' Who really excels in the kingdom of heaven?' Calling a little child,He stood it is the midst of them and said, 'I assure you,unless you are converted and become as little children,you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.  Whoever,then,humbles himself like this little child,he excels in the kingdom of heaven.' (Matthew 18:1〜4) "Then taking a little child,He set him in the center of their circle,and taking him in His arms,said to them,receives Me,and whoever receives Me does not so much receives Me as Him who sent Me.'(Mark 9:36〜37)These statements verify the third Treasure of Heaven-Tao — the Symbolic Signal.

「當時,門徒進前來,問耶穌說,天國裏誰是最大的。 耶穌便叫一個小孩子來,使他站在他們當中說,我實在告訴你們,你們若不回轉,變成小孩子的樣式,斷不得進天國。所以凡自己謙卑像這小孩子的,他在天國裏就是最大的。」(馬太18:1〜4)又:「於是領過一個小孩子來,叫他站在門徒中間,又抱起他來,對他們說,凡為我名接待一個像這小孩子的,就是接待我;凡接待我的,不是接待我,乃是接待那差我來的。」(馬可9:36〜37)此段經文乃印證天道之第三寶 — 合同。

The symbolic Signal is formed by both hands and held in such a way as to symbolize the Chinese character "Hai" which means "child".  The right hand is placed on the inside because of its evil propensities, such as killing and stealing,etc.,and is covered by the left hand,which symbolizes kindness.  It also symbolizes that one should purify one's mind such as a child's,since a child is pure.  However,after a child grows up,he starts to acquire worldly experiences and habits;thus,his True Self becomes covered,and grows worse everyday.


Eventually desires and emotions primarily drive him.  "When I was a child I talked like a child,I thought like a child,I reasoned like a child,but on becoming a man I was through with childish ways."(1 Corinthians 13:11)  Learning how to refine one's mind becomes very important during the cultivating process.  "Then little children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hand son them and pray,and the disciples reproved them.  But Jesus said,'Allow the little ones and do not stop them from coming to Me,for of this kind the kingdom of heaven is composed.' And after laying His hands on them He went away from there."(Matthew 19:13〜15) Therefore,the Kingdom of Heaven is composed of people who are pure,like little children.  So,the Symbolic Signal is held by both hands to symbolize a child,and refers to purifying one's mind and performance;thus,one can escape from any impending disaster and finally return to God's Kingdom.

「我作孩子的時候,話語像孩子,心思像孩子,意念像孩子;既成了人,就把孩子的事丟棄了。」(哥林多前書13:11)所以在修道過程中,如何一洗塵染,而返樸歸真,該是很重要的一門功課了。「那時有人帶著小孩子來見耶穌,要耶穌給他們按手禱告;門徒就責備那些人。 耶穌說,讓小孩子到我這裡來,不要禁止他們;因為在天國的,正是這樣的人。耶穌給他們按手,就離開那地方去了。」(馬太19:13〜15)耶穌把手按在孩子頭上,並說必須如此,方能返回天國。所以合同一抱示孩兒之清心無染,才能躲災避劫,超越生死,且回歸天國,面見  上帝。

VI The Testimony of one's name being deleted from Hell and being registered in Heaven:「天榜掛號、地府抽丁」之印證

1. What is "those whose name been recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life." 何謂「生命冊」?

"Its gates shall not at all be closed during the day,for there will be no light there. Into it they will carry the glory and the honor of the nations.  But nothing unclean nor anyone practicing immorality and falsehood shall ever enter it,but only those whose names have been recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life." (Revelation 21:25〜27) but rejoice because your names are registered in heaven."(Luke 10:20) what is "but only those whose names have receives Tao,one's forehead is sealed by the Enlightened Patriarch.  One's name is registered on the "Dragon's List" notifying Heaven one is returning there in the future,and one's name is erased from the list of names destined for Hell.

「城門白晝總不關閉;在那裏原沒有黑夜。凡不潔淨的,並那行可憎與虛謊之事的,總不得進那城;只有名字寫在羔羊生命冊上的才得進去。」(啟示錄21:25〜27)又:「然而不要因鬼服了你們就歡喜;要因你們的名記錄在天上歡喜。」(路加10:20)何謂 「羔羊生命冊」?凡求道之人, 上帝都要在他額上蓋永生 上帝的印,揀選子民;並登錄他們的名字在「龍天表」上,即是「生命冊」上。

At the time of the Final Judgement,all souls will be judged based on whether their names are recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life or not.  The souls whose names are not recorded on the "Dragon's List" (the Lamb's Book of Life)will be cast into Hell. During the ceremony of receiving Tao,the "Dragon's List" will be burned to notify to Heaven,and to declare.  Any name on the "Dragon List" will be registered in Heaven and his name will be deleted from the list for Hell.  At this point,and from now on,it means that he is saved from the dominion of Hell.  However,having one's name registered on the "Dragon's List" is only the first step on the way to return to God's kingdom.  One still needs to continually cultivate oneself,otherwise one will remain trapped within the cycle of reincarnation.  "Similarly the victor will be dressed in white robes and I shall not erase his name from the Book of Life;I shall confess his name before my Father and before His angels."(Revelation 3:5)

而生命冊上沒有被登錄者,是無法住入天國的。因在求道過程中,會將這張「龍天表」焚燒給上天,並宣示:「這張就是龍天表,表文升天,天榜掛號,地府除名;三官大帝註冊,以後脫離十殿閰君(地獄判官)掌管…。」並有求道禮囑:「你若失掉此機會,萬八年載難身翻」等。名字被登錄在生命冊上是我們回天的第一步,但仍須善加修持,朝「內聖外王」下工夫;否則還有墜落的可能,此乃求道時明師的叮嚀:「你若愿不能了,難把鄉還。」這也就是:「凡得勝的,必這樣穿白衣;我也必不從生命冊塗抹他的名;且要在我父面前,和我父眾使者面前,認他的名。」(啟示錄3:5)可見名字被登錄在命冊上,只是回天的必要條件;但還得奉行主的旨意,立愿了愿,百考不退,而能面見  上帝(明心見性),才是真正得勝之人;否則必被除名,不得還鄉矣。

At the time of the Final Judgement,all souls will be judged on whether their names are registered on the Lamb's Book of Life or not. If not,those souls will be cast into Hell.  "Then I saw a great white throne and One seated upon it,from whose presence earth and heaven fled,and no room was found for them. I also saw the dead, great and small,standing before the throne,and scrolls were opened. Another scroll was opened,the Book of Life,and the dead were judged according to their conduct from the entries in the scrolls.  The sea also gave up the dead persons it contained and death and Hades gave up the dead in them,and each person was judged according to his works.  Then was death and Hades hurled into the lake of fire.  This is the second death-the lake of fire. And whoever was not found recorded in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire."(Revelation 20:11〜15)


Therefore,any soul that wants to escape from the Catastrophe of the Final Judgement and become immortal,truly needs to understand the reality of the whole cosmos.  Now,man is fortunate to encounter the propagation of Heaven-Tao and can perceive those hints released by Jesus a long time ago.  Knowing that the "stage is set" for a Heavenly return,one needs to hold this special affinity with Tao,and continually cultivate oneself.  It is regrettable that a man can be amid a mountain of treasures,but doesn't bring anything back.

故要躲過世界末日大審判之浩劫,得到靈性的永生,必要了悟宇宙一切萬物的本源、實相,而回頭面見  上帝(天人合一),才不會被天地無情的大審判所淘汰;歷史之所以要結束,是為了要改頭換面(迎接新天新地的來臨)。今既欣逢大道普傳,得受明師一指,洞察 耶穌聖人的諸多暗示,瞭然於天命、天時、天運之樞機,就必須誠心護持名字被登錄生命冊之殊勝因緣。有緣當還得握緣,千萬別入寶山而空手回,空開花不結果,有緣無份,得而復失啊!因為這已是末後一著了。

VII The Meaning and Importance for Being a Vegetarian:茹素之意義與重要性

1. What is "only you shall not eat flesh with its life,that is,its blood." 何謂「惟獨肉帶著血、你們不可吃 」?

Then God said,"Let us make in our image,according to our likeness;and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth,and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." And God created man in and His own image,in the image of God He created him;male and female He created them. And God blessed them,and God said to them,'Be fruitful and multiply,and fill the earth,and subdue it;and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky,and over every living thing that moves on the earth.'  Then God said,'Behold,I have given you every plant yielding tree which has fruit yielding seed.  It shall be food for you;and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life,I have given every green plant for food';and it was so."(Genesis 1:26〜30)

「上帝說、我們要照著我們的形像,按著我們的樣式造人,使他們管理海裏的魚、空中的鳥、地上的牲畜、和全地、並地上所爬的一切昆虫。 上帝就照著自己的形像造人,乃是照著他的形像造男造女。 上帝就賜褔給他們,又對他們說,要生養眾多,遍滿地面、治理這地。也要管理海裏的魚、空中的鳥、和地上各樣行動的活物。 上帝說、看哪,我將遍地上一切結種子的菜蔬、和一切樹上所結有核的果子、全賜給你們作食物。至於地上的獸、和空中的飛鳥、並各樣爬在地上有生命的物,我將青草賜給他們作食物,事就這樣成了。」(創世紀1:26〜30)

So,God already told us in the very beginning that he allowed men to rule over the fish,birds and all animal life on the earth and bestowed foods,every plant and fruit yielding seed,for men.  "Only you shall not eat flesh with its life,that is,its blood. And surely I will require your lifeblood;from every beast I will require it.  And from every man,from every man's brother I will require the life of man.  Whoever sheds man's blood,by man his blood shall be shed,For in the image of God He made man." (Genesis 9:4〜6) In Genesis,God stated that men shall not eat flesh with its life,I fact,men were kind when they were first created.  They got along with animals very well; there was no conflict between men and beasts.

所以 上帝告訴我們,魚、鳥和地上各樣行動的活物是要給人類管理的,不是給人吃的。又說:「惟獨肉帶著血,那就是他的生命,你們不可吃。流你們血害你們命的,無論是獸、是人, 我必討他的罪,就是向各人的弟兄也是如此。凡流人血的,他的血也必被人所流。」(創世紀9:4〜6)可見 上帝早在(創世紀)中即已明文規定不可吃肉帶著血的生命(那有肉不帶血呢?)。事實上,人被創之初是非常善良的,他們與其他動物、禽獸無分,彼此和諧相處。

As time went by,humans developed a civilization,and consequently,their minds became complicated and driven by materials and desires.  Mankind started to kill animals for food and naturally those beasts would counterattack creating a vicious cycle - men and beasts killing one another.


God is absolutely fair and just,He said,"And surely I will require your lifeblood; from every beast I will require it. And from every man,from every man's brother I will require the life of man. Whoever sheds man's blood,by man his blood shall be shed."  Thus,the Lord made six paths of reincarnation and four ways of birth.  After a man dies,his soul may become a deity,a human,an asura,a beast,a preta, or may suffer in Hell. These are called the six paths of reincarnation.  There are four different ways of birth - born from a hard-shelled egg,born from a womb,born in water,and born as an insect.

因為這一切皆源於上帝至公無私的審判——「流你們血害你們命的,無論是獸、是人,我必討他的罪。凡流人血的,他的血也必被人所流。」所以方造了四生——胎、卵、濕和化生,及六道—天道、人道、阿修羅道、畜生道、餓鬼道和地獄道 的輪迴生死。

Therefore,if one truly has cultivated oneself after one has received Tao,one should be considerate of the mercifulness and great love of Heaven.  He should not kill any beast,fish,or bird for his own gluttonous desires.  When a man kills and/or eats meat from an animal he becomes a kind of payback.  The animal in its next life will be destined to get revenge.  The animal will kill and/or eat the man in his next life. Hence,man should break off any relationship of owing any animal.  The Great Enlightened Patriarch - Ji Kong Living Buddha even said: "The most urgent goal is to become a vegetarian after one receives Heaven-Tao.  The True Self is utmost pure and bright,and it is not allowed to be contaminated;otherwise,the True Self will be covered and will deviate from the Truth.  Consequently, one cannot restore his True Self."

故凡入道的真正修行者,必體上天有好生之德、慈悲為懷,因此他必清口茹素,不為口腹之慾殺生,先斷絕了牠欠之因緣。我們的恩師 — 濟公活佛有云:「吾輩入道以來,齋戒最為切要。蓋以先天之性原本至清,絕不容有濁氣相混合;遇有濁氣摻雜其間,自必亂失本真。故修道之人必須留清去濁,始能復明本性。」

One should not eat garlic,leeks,onion,shallot,or use tobacco among the vegetables, since all of them will harm the basis of five organs - liver,lungs,spleen, heart,and kidneys. One should not eat the meat of any animal such as cows,pigs, seafood,birds and poultry,since these animals have attributes of Yin(representing the negative),and hurting the pure Yang(representing the positive)of men's True Selves.


One must restore his True Self to pure Yang in order to return to God's kingdom; hence,any practitioner of Heaven-Tao should avoid taking any substance that ascribes as Yin into the body.  Therefore,it is a basic criterion of one who is a practitioner of Tao to become a vegetarian."  It should be one of man's duties,since any creature with blood,maintains the relationship between parents and children.  If one sees and hears little birds twitter and cry in the trees while waiting for their mother to bring insects to the nest,one would not want to hunt birds in the sky to satisfy one's appetite.


God creates all human beings and other creatures.  Why is it men cannot stop themselves from killing other living beings? Men neglect the innate mercy,do not perceive the vicissitude of the universe,deviate from Tao,and do not know how to assemble the merits of virtue. Consequently,one gets lost on the way to return to God's Kingdom,but instead enters the wide open door of Hell.

故素食實乃天機,尊重生命必然合乎造物主之心意。奉勸世人,早斷短暫口腹之慾,與萬物和平相處,並育而不相害,共同謀求宇宙間之秩序,使之趨於正軌與自然。因此吾輩當體悟人與萬物同性而不能與萬物無傷者何矣!皆因不知惻隱之心也;然而不知陰陽消長之理, 戒殺茹素,修先天之道、積德之功;則天堂之路塞,地獄之門開矣!

VIII Conclusion:結論

Jesus Christ told a parable:For it will be like that of a man going away,who summoned his slaves and committed to them his belongings.  To one he gave five talents,to another,two,and to a third,one - to each according to his own ability; then he went away.


"At once the one with the five talents went and did business with them and gained another five;so did the one with two talents gain another two.  But the one with one talent went and dug in the earth and hid his master's money." (Matthew 25:14〜18)


"After a long time the master of those slaves came back and settled accounts with them.  The one who had five talents came forward and brought five more talents, saying.  'Master,you entrusted to me five talents;look,I have gained these other five.'  His master said to him,' Well done,good and faithful slave,you were trustworthy happiness of your master.'  Then the one with two talents came and said,'Master,you handed me two talents;see,I have gained two talents more.'  The master said to him,' Well done,good and faithful slave,you were trustworthy in a little,I will appoint you over much.  Share the happiness of your master.' " (Matthew 25:19〜23)

過了許久,那些僕人的主人來了,和他們算賬。那領五千銀子的,又帶著那另外的五千來,說:主啊!你交給我五千銀子,請看!我又賺了五千。主人說:好!你這又良善又忠心的僕人, 你在不多的事上有忠心,我要把許多事派你管理;可以進來享受你主人的快樂。那領二千的也來說,主啊!你交給我二千銀子,請看!我又賺了二千。主人說:好!你這又良善又忠心的僕人,你在不多的事上有忠心,我要把許多事派你管理;可以進來享受你主人的快樂。

"But the one who had received one talent also came forward and said,'Master, knowing you,that you are a harsh man,reaping where you never sowed and gathering where you did not winnow. I was in fear so I went and buried the talent in the ground;here you have what is yours.'  His master replied to him,'Despicable and lazy slave!  You knew that I reap where I did not sow and gather where I did not winnow? Then you should have invested my money with the bankers,and on my return I would have gotten my capital with interest.  So,take the talent away from him and give it to the one with the ten talents.  For to everyone who has will be given,and he will have more than plenty;but from him who is wanting will be taken even what he has.  Throw this useless slave into the outside darkness;there will be mourning and grinding of teeth there.' "(Matthew 25:24〜30)

那領一千的也來說,主啊!我知道你是忍心的人,沒有種的地方要收割,沒有散的地方要聚歛;我就害怕,去把你的一千銀子埋藏在地裏;請看!你的原銀予在這裏。主人回答說,你這又惡又懶的僕人!你既知道我沒有種的地方要收割,沒有散的地方要聚歛;就當把我的銀子放給兌換銀錢的人,到我來的時候,可以連本帶利收回。奪過他這一千來,給那有一萬的。因為凡有,還要加給他,叫他有餘,沒有的,連他所有的,也要奪過來。把這無用的僕人,丟在外面黑暗裏;在那裏必要哀哭切齒了。」(馬太 25:24〜30)

This parable tells us that the Lord bestowed each person with different abilities (like capital)and each should develop their talent(like making money).

這個比喻啟示我們——「愿不能了,難把鄉還」,「愿」乃原來的心,即是要把  上帝所賦予每個人的本性(本錢——才幹),妙用出來(賺錢),明體達用,體用合一。

A human is alive because the soul dwells inside the body.  If a soul lives in the body of animals,it becomes a living animal.  There are so many life forms,but being mankind is indeed precious,since man can practice Tao,awaken to the Truth,and finally prove Tao.  So,during the cultivation of practicing Tao one needs to arouse continually one's original conscience to enlighten oneself and help others to be enlightened.  Thus,one can complete one's mission that was originally determined when one descended to the world in the beginning and each one can take the same ferry returning to God's kingdom.

既知人身難得,中華難生,明師難遇,真道難逢,而我們何其有幸——「來得早,不如來得巧」;故在自渡後,還要去救渡眾生,傳播天國褔音於天下。在這個過程中,每個人必須不斷地開發自己內在上帝——潛能、良知、良能;並上求佛道,下化眾生,量力而為。如此,方能覺行圓滿,完成自己當初下世宏愿,彼此共攜,同登法船,回到故鄉叩見  上帝。

'Not every one who says to Me,'Lord,Lord!' will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven,but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven.  Many will say to Me on that Day,'Lord,Lord,did we not prophesy in Your name and in Your name cast out demons and in Your name do many wonderful works? ' Then I will frankly say to them,'I never knew you.  Get away from Me,you evil workers' " (Matthew 7:21〜23)

最後再引  耶穌的叮嚀做為最後的結論:「凡稱呼我主啊主啊的人,並不能都進天國;惟獨遵行我天父旨意的人,才能進去。當那日必有許多人對我說,主啊!主啊!我們不是奉你的名傳道,奉你的名趕鬼,奉你的名行許多異能麼?我就明明地告訴他們說,我從來不認識你們,你們這些作惡的人,離開我去罷。」(馬太7:21〜23)

Dear sages,what do you feel about the above passage? Jesus Christ declares it to us again and again that only the one who does the will of the Father in Heaven can enter into the Kingdom of God.  "As long as daytime lasts we must do the works of the One who sent Me;night approaches when no one can work." (John 9:4) Heaven-Tao is the great and last opportunity bestowed by God.  One will have to wait until the next amassment of souls in the next cycle of heaven and earth,if one misses this last opportunity.  However,who can predict what will happen in the future,which is beyond men's intellect.  Therefore,we hold this truly great and last opportunity.

各位前賢大德,您看了此段經文,有何感想呢?主耶穌一再明確地告示我們,惟獨遵行我天父旨意的人,才能進天國。耶穌不是很肯定的告訴我們說:「一個人『播種』,另一個人『收割』這話是真的嗎」?今天我們在此誠懇呼籲「真理的聖靈」已來,當即訪求明師點化,領受 「聖靈與火」之施洗(在額上蓋印)吧!否則末劫審判來臨時,盲修瞎煉,未遵循主的旨意去奉行者,則真諦無以參,性命無以立,必當被烈火所淘汰,空修一場啊!天時緊急 ―「趁白日我們必須作那差我來者的工;黑夜將到,就沒有人能做工了。」(約翰 9:4)趁有道時,趕快求、修、辦; 莫待止了渡,開了船,要想求、修、辦道難上難!而一旦落入黑暗中,必將哀哭切齒了!讓我們齊心共勉吧!


  1. True Self:the pure soul of man before first sin.
  2. Bodhidharma:one of the past Buddhas born in India about one thousand and five hundred years ago.
  3. Sutra:a scriptural narrative, especially a text traditionally regarded as a discourse of the Buddha.
  4. Aureole:A circle of light or radiance surrounding the head or body of a representation of a Buddha or Saint.
  5. Enlightened Patriarch:man representing Ji Kong Living Buddha capable of transmitting Tao because he has the Heavenly Mandate.
  6. quintessence:(1)The pure,highly concentrated essence of something.(2)In ancient times,the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth,air,fire and water.
  7. Samsara:The eternal cycle of birth,suffering,death,and rebirth.
  8. dharma:The ultimate law of all things.
  9. Karma:The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence,regarded as determining his destiny.
  10. Sea:action of opening the Heavenly Portal on one's forehead.
  11. Winnowing fan:symbolizes the separating of the righteous from the wicked.
  12. covered:blocked by impurities.
  13. Dragon's List:list of names of those who have received Tao and are destined for Heaven.
  14. God's True Light:refers to "Fire of Life" and "aureole".
  15. Sakyamani Buddha:same as Sddharta Buddha.
  16. Great Dharma:fully accessed Heavenly Portal.
  17. Oviparous:gives birth to an egg.
  18. Viviparous:gives birth to live offspring.