將軍麥克阿瑟結緣訓 General Douglas Macarthur's Revelation of His Having Attained the Dao (with translation)


This is the transcription of General Douglas Mac Arthur's revelation of his having attained the Dao. The ceremony was held at the Shun Te Temple on the evening of November 12 th 1979 which was a hundred days after the General, then an immortal of space, had received the Dao with the assistance of his benefactor, Master Wang.

公元 一九七 年十 一月 十二


A lifetime's honorable achievement passes away like the flow of water



Nothing is left except a reminiscence the reading of which will cause all men to be moved to grief


The world was awe-struck by my briliant manifestation


My merits and demerits became recorded hisory


The clouds and the rain are witin my easy grasp,


and I hold the command over life and death


A great general's fame is founded upon the decaying bones of the millions he has killed


An upright, loyal and matchless patriot only kills those who are wicked and evil


I am the Ruler of Space, Kuan Yuen Chang, bestowed with the honor of our heavenly Mother's imperial edict, to bring to the altar of Shun Te Temple, Mr. Mac Arthur, now bestowed with the title of The Noble Guard of the East, to pay respect to you virtuous men and woman, his depictions and comments on his reminiscence, I shall now withdraw and have The Noble Guard of the East begin his revelations.


Amidst the tumultous fury of war, guarded the frontiers


A clamorous row prevailed as the war hastened on


Exceedingly great was the war involving the entire world


It was extremely painful and sorrowful tao perceive the killing of humans being regarded as trifling affair


Everyone, big or small, put forth their full strength


Everyone , regardless of rank was alarmed and perturbed


The full complement of the three forces was dispatched


Bombs and cannons were discharged ceaselessly


I, The Noble Guard of the East, MacArthur, have the honor to receive with reverence the imperial edict from our Heavenly Mother to proceed to the altar of Shun Te Temple in attendance to his honor, Kuan Yuen Chang and to pay respect to our Heavenly Mother, our Distinguished Teacher and my Gracious Benefactor. I shall also bow and send my regards to all of you spiritual ones who are present at this temple



Holding the pen with excitement while feeling nervous at heart,


I shall tonight reveal and narrate a little of my life history


I was born in the United States of America and I held the post of General of the army


I fought in both world wars


I was appointed Commander in chief of the United States Army Forces in Asia


I have had the experience of battling through wars both great and small


I was always mentally alert and dared not be idle for a moment,


as a word of command from me determined success or failure


Initially, I was Chief of staff and High Commissioner of the Philippines


China and Japan were at war for eight long years


The Japanese soldiers invaded Pearl Harbour


War was declared between the United States of America and Japan to determine which nation had the greater power


The American forces attached with atomic bombs


There was a great number of casualties and deaths in the Japanese city of Hiroshima


The war ended with the surrender of Japan


I went to Japan to receive the surrender Document


With my appointment as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, my troops occupied Japan for some time



After the war ended there was a short period of peace


Not too long afterwards China fell to communism


Both South Korea and North Korea became battlefields


I was then appointed Commander in chief


The democrate and the communists were in tough competition


There were heavy casualties and deaths in both armies


Millions of heroes were buried in the battlefields


There came from China a batalion of bold soldiers who were very skillful in strategy


To talk about them now, I can still feel myself shudder,

as they charged on with fiery violence


My soldiers fought and pushed straight on to the Yalu river


The Russians and the Chinese joined forces in North Korea while the Americans were assisting the South Koreans


I wanted to take this opportunity to invade China's territory and drive their force back


At that time I was inspired by that strategy because it would enable me to easily exterminate the North Korean Army



Victory was imminent


However, and order was received from my superiors in Washington which obstructed my victorious attack



I was therefore unable to accomplish a victory to my satisfaction


Excessive consideration on the part of my superiors in Washington impeded the undertaking


It was fated and the event should end that way


No matter how intelligent or capable a person is , he is unable to oppose fate


Fate alone selects those who will meet with calamities

Regretfully, I retired from the army


Peacefully and leisurely I returned to my homeland


The anxiety within me to fulfill my ambition was thus halted

Without the strength to restore the national prestige of my country, the desire of my heart was not attainable



With profound enthusiasm, I had wanted to fight for peace in the world

This anxiety to save the world brought heartfelt tears


The human heart cannot be peaceful as the mountains and the oceans.


There is no peace in the world because the course of events is comparable to breakers---before one wave subsides, another is advancing


Similarly, before one war is over, another war has been declared


All these years of war became a struggle for nothing


Besides the pitiful losses of lives and property, the most sorrowful were those who were severely wounded and crippled for life


When Vietnam fell into communist hands, her country men suffered great distress


War and misfortune had now spread to another nation


The state of affairs in the future will be even more disastrous


The world will be in a state of anarchy and the heart of men will become extremely complex and reckless


In the future and state of affairs in Asia will be even more chaotic


Even if people are clever as the hare or sly as the fox, They will still be slaughtered like innocent lambs


The leaders of all those nations are dabbling with politics as though they were playing with fire


A little carelessness on their part could quickly bring about the destruction of those nations


A third world war is unavoidably


Compared with the first two world wars, it will be the most devastation


Nobody is capable of predicting the drastic changes that will take place in the world situation

Worldwide, there will be endless wars


From these wars, fate will allow only three out of every ten human beings to escape disaster


The wars will also destroy every scientific creation


Fortunately, the Dao has been simultaneously disseminated to save the world


The world has now evolved to the "White Era" during which will emerge spiritual teachers endowed with the heavenly decree


Unfortunately, I lived my life through an untimely and insignificant period


Thus, I had no affinity for contact with the Tao or opportunity to observe its teachings and principles



All of you present have the affinity to be born Orientals


The Dao originated in Asia


Although I ascended to space as an immortal upon my death, I was unable to return to heaven without the kind aid of a human benefactor



My passage from space to heaven was dependent upon my gracious benefactor , Master Wang, Who had so kindly enabled me to have an audience with our Heavenly Mother


My benefactor's graciousness is as high as the mountains and as vast as the oceans

This great act of spiritual aid will never be forgotten



I f master Wang, my benefactor, has anything to ask of me, I will always be ready and willing to render my services to repay his kindness



If my benefactor should meet with any difficulties, he need only call my name three times and I will definitely rush to his assistance


For many years I have been following him very closely


There was not a day when I was not at his side assisting him in the expansion of his career and endeavors



Unknown to him, all his undertakings have been successful because of my protection



My benefactor and I had a very strong attachment in a former life


In my former life, I was born in the British Commonwealth

I was the Foreign Ambassador to China



My benefactor was China's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs


Because of our national intercourse, we developed a strong and uninterrupted friendship


Later on, a rebellion broke out in China and my benefactor had to hide away from the rebellious cabal


Unable to find a proper hiding place, my benefactor was very worried


At that time, I resigned from my post and returned to my homeland immediately


I brought my benefactor and his entire family home with me to remain permanently in England


That portion of cause and effect has been repaid in this life


My benefactor has now removed me from the cycle of rebirth


I have been hoping that he will come to my homeland to propagate the Dao

I have been seizing every opportunity to secretly assist in the propagation of the Dao



During this current period named the "Third" or White Era", if a person does not establish any merits or perform any good deeds, his name will not appear in the " Book of Merits of the White Era" in praise of his achievements



All of you virtuous men and women who are present at this temple have the affinity to assemble here tonight


All of you have established profound religious merits and possess roots of virtue that are thick and firm


To hear about and obtain the Dao is not an ordinary matter



We should all grasp every opportunity to extend the propagation of the Dao, and to cherish the thought of saving the world by sailing the Barge of Compassion


Every immortal of space is anxiously longing to obtain the Dao



Their hopes are as vain as are those of one who stretches his neck to catch a few drops of water from a dry spring during a drought


Having obtained the Dao so easily, you may not realize its true value



You must be careful not to lose or forget the Dao as easily as you have obtained it



You should all take advantage of the opportunity to establish yourselves in the propagation of the Dao




Meritorious service is dependent on each individual's will power



I wish each and everyone of you a great future to be able to ride with the wind and break the waves, i.e., to have high spiritual ambitions and to follow the path of the Dao



I shall now turn to my benefactor to inquire if he has anything to request of me



Every task he gives me will be carried out obediently and in complete detail



Master Wang, the befactor, replied:

" Now that you have obtained the Dao, you must do your best to help with its propagation".



My master, what you have just said is too polite


I will definitely do my utmost to help with the propagation


Where propagation of the Dao begins, you have only to call my name and I will definitely be there to assist you


The transmission of the Dao to the three kinds of beings is a very important matter which will enlighten the whole universe


How can I afford not to perform my very best to assist in this matter


Upon receiving any instructions from my master


I will never decline even though it many cost me my life


I shall stop here and depart


Let me pray with reverence to thank our Heavenly Mother, our Great Teacher and my Gracious Benefactor, To all present in this temple I would like to bid a fond farewell